Humble li'l diner. Comfortable food.

We're an independent, casual diner founded by people who believe that a restaurant ought to be unpretentious and its food hearty & easy to understand. Our style is minimalist & fuss-free yet never compromising on the passion & labour that goes into a home-cooked meal. Come as you are and feel right at home right away.

Open Daily
Mon-Tue 6-10pm
Wed-Thu 10am-10pm
Fri-Sun 9am-10pm
PH 9am-10pm
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Event venue. Celebrations.

We cater to parties of all sizes. Birthdays, baby showers, wedding solemnisations, company gatherings. We're a unique location for exclusive product launches; we're also good for hen parties, closed-door events and more.

Gallery space. Now showing:

UN[SEEN] || 20 July - 19 October 2014 || Opening hours
UN[SEEN] attempts to combat transphobia by breaking silence and making the unseen seen.
By encouraging people of all ages to affirm and appreciate diversity, this exhibit hopes to contribute to the process of dismantling the destructive power of prejudice and intolerance, thereby creating safe & enabling spaces for all individuals.
Ticket price: Free for all [see more...]
Our humble "Slugallery" is a gallery for artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and non-profits to showcase your craft and spread your message. If you are any or all of the above and interested to book our gallery space, come have a coffee with us & we'll chat about how we can share happyness. E-mail us at justask [at] thegardenslug [dot] com

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